Quiet and Simplicity

Today is one of the great days.  It is very quiet here.  I love these days for rejuvenation and contemplation.  More so I love them for the thoughts of what could be, and what I believe should be.  They are opportunities to disconnect and recognize how ravaged we are by devices and entertainment.  Our minds and souls scream out for this quiet yet are drowned out by the incessant noise and activity that constantly whirls around us.  Times Square or Hong Kong could be considered an analogy of the modern mans interior self.  Flashing lights and distractions and scrolling news and sound bites and so forth.

Today I read a book called Living Without Electricity.  It was about the Amish and Mennonite communities.  I really believe they get many things right.  They still use wood cooking stoves and some gas stoves and so on.

It started me thinking about simplicity again.  We would benefit so much from simplicity.

Devices serve as distractions, even as wedges between family members.  If we didn’t have them we would have to play games for entertainment, or play outside, or eureka…have conversations with one another!

Ideally I would chuck the cable television and the big screen TV.  I do have some beneficial DVDs that I would hold on to, maybe with a 27″ TV somewhere with a VCR, but that’s it.  I think I would be ok without the Internet as well.  The one caveat might be business.    I would love to have a wood stove for cooking, chuck the microwave and 40 other electrical appliances.  Hand powered kitchen tools would be ok with me, nothing wrong with a little work.  Bye bye dishwasher as well, there is something therapeutic about washing dishes, and I’ve found it encourages conversation if you have a drying partner.

I have started studying small engine repair.  My goal is to get out of IT as fast as I can.  I have reached epic burnout proportions regarding the Internet and web and computer world.  As you can see there are increasing gaps in the times I post updates here.  In 10 or 12 years I have found little that’s good about this world and its devices, and less that is rewarding.

I intend to start a small engine repair business from home as soon as possible and then I will branch out into perhaps diesel repair and also get into maybe the solar installation as I’ve said before.  This will allow me to become my own man finally.  This will allow more projects from home, more edifying and wholesome work too.

It is a step in the right direction.  There are a lot of unknowns for 2013 that are potentially unpleasant but can be very good exercises in trusting in God’s will.  I am willing to do that and grow, painfully if necessary, this year.  Things have to change.

Our country and our culture is on a bullet train to madness and we must get off.

Do you realize that electricity has only been widely available for maybe a hundred years?   As old as this world is, as many civilizations that have come and gone without it, look at what we have done in that time with it.  I suppose that goes for many things though and it is us, the wielders, that are always the pivot point in these affairs.

It seems there are certain things that we, who more and more choose to be libertine and Godless as a culture, are ill equipped to possess with our licentiousness and unrestrained excess.  We would do good to weigh all things carefully to see if they would improve us and our families or be harmful to us, and act accordingly.

It saddens me to discover what we have lost and how urgently we move in a direction further from it.

Let me leave my soapbox now and go back to studying my engines.

If you are glued to a screen reading this, stop here. Go be productive for yourself in a good, wholesome way. Go live. Go question yourself, find out how you tick and if that’s bad or good and work on it. Meet your neighbor and help them.  Read a book, or several.  Think deeply and at length and know thyself. Write down your thoughts. Talk to your family. Teach your children, listen to them.  Pray, pray, pray. Detach from the madness. Plant something. Do more things for yourself.

Go. Before you can’t.


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