Back on the Horse

Nine months since the last post but I think I may be back on the horse.  I detached from all of this for a while, another one of my cycles perhaps, but I think I may have navigated my way out the other side.

I have also been busy trying to get things accomplished.  I’m a little over halfway done with the carpentry course I’m taking and I’ve acquired things here and there.

One of the problems I have encountered has been the idea of replacing what I do for a living with another income.  I have given thought and even settled on several things but in the long run I was never convinced with any of them that they would suffice.  The carpentry course I am taking is a child of one of those thought processes, only to find out that I can’t get a contractors license without 6 years or more of specific experience on a jobsite somewhere.

Along the way I may have fallen into the trap of not seeing the forest for the trees.  It is a fun thing to lay it all out on paper but honestly it can get slow and boring when it comes to implementation and you’re trudging through it week to week to week, or if there’s little progress to spur you along.

I’ve spent some time over the past couple of weeks mulling things over again and trying to find out what, if anything, went wrong.  I don’t know that I nailed it down but I at least committed to giving it another go.

This time my organization may be a bit more realistic without all of the online project management software and list organizers and so on.  Simple folders and paper and pen for now.  I will also journal in my homesteading journal so that I can work through my thoughts.   Hopefully I will keep this a little more updated as well.

For the time being I have settled on the idea that the off grid home and the self sufficient, living off the land life is the end goal, without a timeline for getting there.   Everything else is just the process of moving in that direction, however long it may take.  I have identified areas that I want to focus on and I am keeping brainstorming notes and to do lists for all of them in a binder.

For now, I will be focusing on the following things:

  • Permaculture – this will be our food production system.  I’m not going to worry about the PDC until possibly later on.  There’s a Geoff Lawton course coming up next year but I will have to revisit that when it gets closer.  For now, I want to try to learn it independently and develop the site I’m at now.  I’m going to maintain a couple of beds for testing other methods such as square foot gardening but I will gradually move towards full permaculture
  • Living Off the Land – this is your garden variety hunting of deer and ducks and fishing too.  I have the jon boat and outboard, and I’m working on acquiring a better canoe for this purpose.  Along with fishing if I could get frogs and shrimp and crab in there too I’d be a happy camper.  The shotgun will be here this Christmas so I can hopefully duck hunt second phase this year.
  • Native Skills – this is still a little open for me, I’m not sure which specific skills I want to go after but the American Indian was always very connected to his environment.  I’ve always been impressed with how resourceful they were with what they were given, how content they were with what they had, and what great stewards they were as well.
  • Herbs – this will be geared largely towards alternative medicine.  I want to see what can be done here so I will likely identify some remedies and herb sources and give it a go.  If this is something I think to be beneficial it will likely end up being a greenhouse project and could possibly provide income depending on how prodigious production is
  • Prepping – this is just common sense to me, preparing for disasters in a hurricane prone, sea level state with the geopolitical world in the state that its in.
  • New Home – like I said this is the end goal.  I’ll spend some time sketching up an ideal place, maybe collecting pictoral ideas.  I will probably get a ballpark on how much energy we should use and what that will look like cost-wise.

So that is where I am headed now folks.  You’ll notice I left out the income aspect this time.  This kept having a large part in sinking my plans before, even if the rest of the plans seemed solid.  My approach this time is to let the income opportunities present themselves as I go along.  We will focus on eliminating debt and expenses and the income opportunities should increase as we do so.  If things work out with the other areas, we may identify opportunities we were not previously aware of.  There are opportunities in selling herbs, native inspired crafts and tools, handmade backwoods gear, all sorts of things.

Naturally there is still much more work to do but hopefully this is a good start.  Hopefully you will hear from me more often.


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