Another Year, Another…Um, I Don’t Know

Well, well, been a year it seems.  I was just reading over my last post from last October.  You know, if nothing else, a blog is good for remembering what it is you’re after over the long haul.  It helps to recall your dreams.  I had sort of given up on the long term dream trying to find some immediate satisfaction instead of being persistent.

Nonetheless, I’ve had a little progress recently.  I wont bore you with the woes right now because I just don’t want to run through that muck 😉

So..some updates.

Last time I talked about my jon boat and outboard.  Well, I started tearing down the outboard and once I was done added up the rebuild cost and it was waaaay too much, probably would’ve ran around 600 bucks so I’m scratching that for now. Still have the jon boat though.

I mentioned looking for a better canoe. I managed to stumble on one on Craigslist for 150 bucks.  It was a 14 foot aluminum Grumman. It’s light as a feather.  I took it out for a paddle one day and it worked just fine.

Also, permaculture.  I managed to do a decent bit of work.  I reached critical mass with information so I just started to get to work.  I drew up some plans for my 1/4 acre a while back, and just this weekend I started working on the dripline channels and I put in the blueberry bed.  Here’s a look at it all:

I still have to do the other side that will run to the orchard.  I found out Lowe’s has a ton of good and varied fruit trees so I’m excited about that.

The shotgun is a done deal, no duck hunting yet but did get my waders.

I’ve been reading up on Native American skills, got some good books in on that.  I’m looking at building my own Navajo style loom and think I’ll try weaving some rugs and blankets eventually.  I actually started trying to learn to knit too, I know it’s girly but I figure if I can get good wool I can make my own wool blankets, beanies, maybe gloves and sweaters for outdoors activities like primitive living practice outings and hiking.

Speaking of outings, I’ve been working with my brother on a trip in January where we I am going to teach him some survival stuff and then we’re going to try twice a year to get together and practice primitive living skills.

I have some flint in the closet so sooner or later I’m going to work on making arrowheads and knives and such.  I also have a couple friends saving me stuff from deer that they shoot, such as the legbones which include sinew, and any antlers that they don’t want.  I can use those for handles and pressure flakers.

Oh, and the pow wow is coming up in just a couple weeks so I’ll pick up some supplies there.

Our debt has remained a problem we just haven’t been able to tackle well and I’ve almost written off doing it this year.  With the holidays coming up it’s probably the poorest time to try and start working that plan.

Not a whole lot of progress for a year but we have to be thankful for what progress is made I suppose.

I would sure love to get to my goal.  It would be neat to have a little 5 or 10 acre space with a self-sufficient homestead where I could do a primitive living, self-sufficiency school or something to carry me into my old age.  It’s always good to dream, I think.  So long as you don’t let those dreams make you depressed about the present.  This is a tough world and I think your dreams should help bring you hope when the odds make everything look bleak.



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