Downtime Projects and Teasers

What do you do with your down time?

Ideally we, or least myself, would like to pack every minute with purpose.  We would like to always be doing something that is moving towards our goal, always maintaining momentum.  But the truth is, this isn’t always possible.  Often, it is more common to spend most of your time going about the humdrum of everyday life, and spending the free moments you have possibly moving toward your goal.

This can be very frustrating for me.  In any one family there also may be several agendas, all vying for a limited amount of productive time.

Perhaps it is impatience but I find these long spells tend to steal my focus, sometimes for very long spells, even to the point of going entirely off course.  Stir in a little self-doubt, a few trials, and a tight budget and it’s easy to lose the way.  Trying to maximize pockets of time can lead to poor financial decisions in an effort to bolster sagging dreams.

How do you stay in the present and effectively work at the future?  I don’t think too many of us are good at playing long ball.  I’m not, especially when I’m not making any short term progress, or when I can’t see the foundation of long term progress being laid.

So what is the answer?  That’s one I’m still trying to figure out for myself.  We all have time that we could probably spend in better ways.  Endless hours watching television, on Facebook, surfing Pinterest (guilty).  Perhaps one idea is to envision your dream and all the little things you will be doing out of need or want, take those little things and practice them now.  For instance, I just started trying to teach myself how to knit, I do it at night for a little while as I’m watching television.  Later on, if the new ice age comes and I have wool laying around I can knit my own hats and sweaters instead of waiting on a post-apocalyptic restocking of the neighborhood JCPenneys.

If nothing else, maybe moving in these little ways can help keep the fire going just like blowing on the embers with some twigs.

There are many time pitfalls out there.  Not scheduling, over scheduling, schedule rigidity and frustration, and I’m sure many others.  I have found that when I don’t try and schedule anything, and I just play things by ear I usually sit around and waste what time I do have trying to figure out what to do.  That and watch people on TV doing the things I want to do.

When I over schedule and become too rigid I find that I get frustrated with lack of progress and the lack of available time.  I end up getting anxious and stressed and finally toss everything aside.

So I think there needs to be a happy medium in there.  Maybe healthy planning and very loose scheduling, and a good sprinkling of time pocket habits that keep the frustrations away.

That being said, maybe I need to get back on the horse again, start dreaming and approach things from a different angle.

Let me know how you tackle this problem, maybe it’s something we all can learn and benefit from.


Until next time…


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