Primitive Independence

Primitive skills are something that have always attracted my attention.  I guess I’m just an old fashioned, old ways kind of guy.  It is nice to have modern gear for things like bows and fire starting and so on, but I’ve always seen the value in walking in to the woods and being able to use what you find to get by.

Being able to use primitive skills is also an excellent way to be independent in its own way.  If you are able to be proficient in using what is available in the wild, or just in your environment, it frees you up from having to buy things.  Anytime you are freed up from having to spend money on something, you gain back time you can spend elsewhere.  I know it’s a small amount of money potentially but it can add up.

Some of the skills I’ve considered include flintknapping, working with hides and sinew, shaping bone for knives and tools, bowmaking, and making containers and pots.

If you are stranded somewhere and able to find flint or chert you can easily make a cutting tool or a skinner.  If you know your fibrous plants you can typically make cordage for any of a number of uses such as snares, deadfalls, fishing, netting, and shelter.  Being able to fire pots gives you the ability to make containers to hold water.  Baskets help you to carry anything you may forage or catch with your nets.

In most cases nature is all around us and it just takes the eye and the know-how to utilize it.


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